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At SD Networks our mission is to be a strategic business ally for our clients based on current and emerging technological solutions.



We are experts in IT system design services, #DevOps, #DevNet networks and intelligent developments for companies.

About us?

We have very clear and well-founded values to offer our clients.


Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the networks and telecommunications sector

Specialization in automation and engineering

Development of highly complex projects

High commitment to quality

Philosophy of our services

Design and Engineering


Automation and Operation


Engineering Services

Preparation of telecommunications projects from start to finish, including the solution design phases, definition of implementation plans, deployment execution and maintenance.

Solution Design

We prepare the document based on the Client's requirements. High and low level design documentation, we create the definition of configurations, the preparation of the acceptance plan and the transfer of knowledge.

Equipment Configuration

We design configuration planning for new or production networks, the definition of MoP or execution of those defined by the client as well as the performance of acceptance tests. Preparation of technical reports of the changes made.

Maintenance and Support

We generate the execution of on-site and/or remote maintenance routines to guarantee the correct functioning of the network.

Automation Services

Development of applications for SDN environments focused on the automation of network operations based on DevNet.


Analysis and documentation of processes for automation feasibility Design: Design of ad-hoc solutions to automate network operational tasks.


Installation of software for service orchestration.

Maintenance and Support

Execution of software maintenance routines.

Application Monitoring

Get complete details of each user visit to improve business decision making and optimize your digital application investment.

LoT Monitoring

Improving the Digital Experience

Business Analytics

Computer Security Services

Carrying out consulting at the highest level in computer security, cyber attacks and security incident response.

Incident Mitigation
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Threat Hunting
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Security Design
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Evaluation of SOC operations
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Implementation Services

Nationwide installation of computer systems and telecommunications equipment.

Site Survey

Location of equipment, distances for fiber connectivity, energy, auxiliary facilities, necessary material, necessary environmental conditions and cooling.


Assembly, power-on, verification and on-site configuration of telecommunications equipment, such as routers, firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi equipment, etc.


Planning updates for Transmission and Data networks in both software and hardware.

Network Infrastructure Services

Design, planning and execution of installation of structured data cabling, AC/DC electrical wiring and installation of racks, ladders and access control.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a complete system of cables and associated devices that provide a communication infrastructure for the transmission of voice and data, to give a few examples.

Electrical Wiring

Design, planning and implementation of the electrical wiring network in small and macro companies

Access Control

Latest generation biometric or RFID access control as well as CCTV and closed circuit video surveillance.


Perfect organization and layout for your on-site racks, rack mapping and execution.

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